The Great Work has begun

And so it begins — this Great Work before us, of rebuilding America.

It’s not going to begin by attacking the conservatives — much as that’s my first instinct, the one and maybe most important thing I’ve learned so far from President-Elect Obama (!!!) is that it is the wrong instinct. So instead, I’m going to reach out to those of you who are both conservative and who read this blog.

Your Right and my Left are far less important than the task before us: rebuilding America, her economy and her diplomacy. These last eight years are a nightmare which we are finally awakening from. Let us take our lessons from those years — let us learn that hatred and divisiveness and greed will bring us to the edge of disaster. We’ve tried the Bush Doctrine, the Bush economy, and it has failed us miserably. You don’t need to be a liberal or a conservative to see that.

What we have tried has failed. So let’s try something new. Let’s see what happens when we take your tax money and apply it towards health care for uninsured Americans instead of more guns. Let’s see where diplomacy takes us. Let’s see what happens when we erase the partisan lines drawn in the sand by an entire generation of political operatives who have played upon our fears and told us that we are surrounded by enemies, foreign and domestic.

Let’s stop trying to find those enemies. Let us find friends.

I feel more hope right now than I ever have in my lifetime that we can move ahead and build the America that we deserve — my America, your America, an America that can stand before the world and be proud.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

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  1. You damn well know I’m gonna be quoting you on this, as ‘my friend, the American one’ says: . . . Just sayin’ . . .

  2. Well, I never been much of a Bush cheerleader. I just defended him when people would accuse him of being a terrorist and being behind 9/11 and comparing him to Hitler and all this other crazy nonsense. But as far as a President goes as a whole, I’ll admit he was probably even less than average. And I have been saying that since before 9/11 even happened.

    This election was kind of discouraging because truthfully, I liked neither candidate.

    I have no problem with rebuilding America, but I do have some problems with Obama when it comes to the way he appeases the enemies. We can’t appease these guys. That isn’t going to work.

    Also, and I am sure you’ll agree, Josh… Obama wants to start monitoring the internet more. That is just wrong. Liberal or conservative – hands off the internet!

    This is the one thing the government does not and can not control and I want it to stay that way. Yeah, death threats and stuff like that need to be checked out, but that’s it.

    And the fairness doctine. This is no good either. It will put guys like Rush and Sean out of business. Yes, I know that wouldn’t bother you, but still – FREE SPEECH should NEVER die. If you dont like them, don’t listen to them.

    Oh shit – I just heard on the radio that Michael Critchen (spelling?) died. The Jurassic Park guy.

    Anyway, I commend you for the nice post. I was afraid to come here thinking you’d be all cocky about the win. lol – Actually, I knew Obama was going to win. Mccain abandoned his conservative core and that’s what hurt him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I intend to express myself anytime Obama messes up. The same way the left did to Bush. They showed him no mercy.

    Who knows – maybe Obama will make a good President. But I just don’t agree with a lot of his policies. I have a democratic county executive here on Long Island, Steve Levy, and the guy is awesome. It’s his policies – not his party that makes me like him. I am not anti-dem per se. Never was.


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