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  1. Very good.

    OK, I’m going to suggest something off the wall now, just because I’m a weird person who likes to make suggestions from way out in left field.

    You should change the name of your band to Rotstadt Anordnung, which I understand (from Babelfish plus a little bit of what the Jesuits call ‘broadmental reservation’) is something approximating the German equivalent of “Red State Soundsystem”.

    This change would mean that you might have to do more industrial music, but you tend to do dark music anyway so it’s not that much of a departure.

    It would put you right up there in league with iconic bands like Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

    The other idea I was going to suggest was to go with something like Simply Red State Sound System of a Down.

    OK, just kidding. Carry on.

  2. “Simply Red State Sound System of a Down.” That gave me nightmares. I lurv the red pickup. ” Tis a keeper.


  3. can you please may band logo beacause we really need one my band name is “hide your daughter” you can design it however you would like just keep it appropiate

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