links for 2008-11-10

ul class=”delicious”li div class=”delicious-link”a href=””I Want To Be… A Magazine Founder amp;¬†Editor! – iCiNG – div class=”delicious-extended”Interview with the Coilhouse gals. Look for a couple of pieces from me in Coilhouse Issue 2/div div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””interview/a a href=””publishing/a a href=””friend/a)/div /lili div class=”delicious-link”a href=”″MAKE: Blog: Stirling engine car/a/div div class=”delicious-extended”I KNEW IT!!! I FUCKING KNEW IT!!! I totally knew Kamen had to be working on a Stirling-driven car. It#039;s the only thing that made sense./div div class=”delicious-tags”(tags: a href=””technology/a a href=””sustainability/a a href=””futurism/a)/div /li/ul

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