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  1. LOL – this guy does not know what he’s talking about! She not going to be the President, she’s going to be the VICE President first of all.

    Secondly, he says this is ‘scary’ – because he knows nothing about her. So how is that scary? If he knows nothing about her, how can he say that she won’t make a good VP? If he knows nothing about her, why is he putting her down?

    We know enough about Obama to safely say that he will bring this country into the sewer.

    Then he rambles on about dinosaurs and nuclear codes… wtf? Go take another bong hit, Mr. Damon.

  2. Billy, are you high? Turn the volumn up on your hearing aid and dust off your spectacles, cause I don’t think your comprehension levels are very very good and I’m hoping its your vision/ hearing that is to blame. When Matt Damon mentioned Dinosaurs, he was talking about possible beliefs held by a religious political rookie ain’t no one ever heard of before, who wants creationism taught in church and only Buddha knows what else. Not the dinosaur McCain- though perhaps he should of been, seeing as though his life expectancy is about up (Which, P.S., would make Palin President.) That is a total possibility. Totally. Not LOL.

    This is a nightmare.

    Matt Damon is my favorite famous person right now.

  3. I heard the whole thing. I know it was a religious blow, yes. But Obama claims he is a Christian, too. So if he is, then he, too believes the same way she does. Oh, unless he isn’t a Christian, which would then make him a liar.

    I know what he meant, but it is a very weak argument. Very weak. I listened to Matt, now give this a listen – come on, I know you guys are very ‘opened minded’, right? Just listen to what this guy has to say:

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