This week's Doctor Who episode…

…was the best I’ve ever seen, and maybe the best Doctor Who episode ever. The second part of a two-parter, it’s about what happens when Donna and the Doctor show up at the Library, which stores every book ever written and is the size of a planet. But it’s empty — empty except for a small team of explorers, led by one Dr. River Song, who seems to know the Doctor…intimately.

It was fun and heartbreaking and strange, and romantic and amazing. And worth watching, if for nothing else than to see a woman who can literally knock the Doctor on his ass.

God, that’s a good show.

Later tonight: episode 2 of the third season of The Venture Bros. Whoo-hoo!

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  1. It was another Steven Moffat episode – I think he’s the best writer on the show. He’s written my all-time favorite (“Blink” – the one with the stone angels) and also the excellent two-parter with the ninth doctor and the gas-mask people in WWII…

    …and, he’s taking over as lead writer and executive producer of the show in 2010 ( I’m so excited!

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