OMFG: Korg nanoKEY, nanoKONTROL, nanoPAD

Over at Create Digital Music, Peter’s got some early info on Korg’s new line of MIDI controllers for laptop musicians. The keys on the nanoKEY are even supposed to be velocity sensitive.

This is literally what I’ve been dreaming of having for years — little controllers you can shove in your bag and use on the go for making music.

I want these so bad. And of course there’s no pricing or availability info yet.

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  1. Prices:

    Nanokontrol – about $120 Nanopad – about $120 Nanokeys – about $100

    availability – Oct 2008

  2. confirmed – got my nanokey at guitar center for 50 bucks. and yes, it’s totally worth it. i literally had trouble walking away from the counter without it after seeing how much the price had dropped from earlier estimations.

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