Need Some Old Music

So I’m working on a comics script, and I need some music from the 1920s — partially to reference, and partially for ambiance while I’m writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to buy this stuff, and I think a lot of it might take some effort to track down.

So does anybody have any of the following: Blind Lemon Jefferson, Louie Armstrong And His Hot Five (or Hot Seven), Leadbelly? Or Texas swing of the 1920s? Or really any popular music of the time?

Or links to where I can download this stuff? Streaming is okay, but I prefer download, so I can listen to it when I’m not Net connected.


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  1. A lot of that stuff is public domain, so it should be floating around somewhere relatively accessible. Leadbelly’s page at wikipedia has a few links, and has four songs. (Not much, I know. But if you dig around, you might find more.)

    And I’ve always found the library to have lots of big box sets of things like this, stuff like nine CD sets of every track and alternate take ever recorded by various blues artists.

    Hope this helps. Not much, I know, but I’m just on my way to work.

  2. talk to seth barkan. i m sure you know him. if you need to be put in contact with him let me know. He ll be able to sort you out.

  3. Hey the disc I gave is not the best just a smatteing of the stuff I have if you want ANYTHING in particular let me know I probably have it!

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