New Track – "Terminal Island"

Here’s a new instrumental track for your background listening pleasure, “Terminal Island”. It’s kind of me trying to do Trentemoller/Burial sort of ambient stuff. The melody lines are algorithmically generated and then looped.

It’s a nice little atmospheric piece, named after the island in Long Beach Harbor near where I used to live.

I have dozens of these little pieces on my hard drive, ideas for pop tracks that never went anywhere or just experimentations. Every so often, I just pull one out and shape it roughly into a song. I think of these pieces as sort of the musical equivalent of deleted scenes on a DVD, or b-sides. They’re fun to put together and they sound nice, but they’re not really full-fledged songs in their own right — more musical textures, like motifs from a soundtrack. At some point, I’ll probably put out a collection of them — my own Selected Ambient Works, I suppose.

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