Hard Decision

I’ve been really thinking a lot about the album and the direction I’m going with it. I love electronic music, but I’ve been deeply dissatisfied with the way the songs have been coming out. They’re just too cold and mechanistic, you know?

So I’ve decided to re-record the album again. This time, though, it’s all going to be acoustic instruments — specifically, the sort of instruments used in Appalachian folk music. Steel guitars, fiddles, washboards…I’ve even found plans on the Net to build my own washtub bass. All the songs will be the same, but the arrangements and feel will be totally different.

Because of this, the title I was using — Travelogues — is no longer appropriate, as the album no longer will really contain the elements of world and other non-American sounds I’ve been working with.

Instead, the new title will be The Red State Soundsystem Jug Band And Tent Chautaqua Presents: The Many Moods Of Big Josh Ellis. The cover will be an homage to the classic art of the album He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens, by Ray Stevens:


In fact, I’ve also made a short music video of the new version of “Berlin Floor Show”, which you can watch below.

I hope all of you will stick with me through this musical transition.

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  1. I can play a dulcimer . . . it’s been a rough April 1 on the internet. I’m hiding till the dust settles.


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