The haunting last picture of Sophie Lancaster who was beaten to death for being a Goth | the Daily Mail

The haunting last picture of Sophie Lancaster who was beaten to death for being a Goth | the Daily Mail

Lest anyone think I really condone the beatings of people who are “different”. I didn’t post the emo kid thing because I really advocate this shit. I just thought it was a strange and surreal cultural event. (Emo kids irritate me, but so do lots of people I don’t actually want to be beaten to death.)

This is just pathetic and heartbreaking. Poor little girl.

Makes me want to fly to England and start stomping British juvenile delinquents. (Personally, I find British teenagers about as threatening as lilac bushes. It’s like one big Belle and Sebastian concert over there.)

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  1. Mmmn, not to belittle this tragic event, but…

    You probably should be careful when you reading the Daily Mail, even more so when linking to it.

    You may ignore it (and would have all the rights to), but the Daily Mail is a very, very, low-quality tabloidish rag that makes Fox News sound measured and balanced in comparison. They are so ridiculously rightwing conservative it’s not even funny… and until their secret project to clone Maggie’s corpse back into 10 Downing street gives results, they seem to have made it their personal mission to write up every single violence report in the country with the most sensationalistic slant they can find and pack it with thinly veiled attempts at blaming it all on moral delinquency of modern society, lack of values, homosexuals, jews but, most of all, the Labour party.

    That schtick of theirs, the whole “the-youfth-of-today-my-lad-they’re-up-to-no-good” bit, is one that only Torries stuck in an 80’s timewarp could read without laughing.

    Anyway, yea… sad story… just thought you’d like to know you were quoting it off UK’s written answer to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Jerry Springer, all rolled into one.

  2. I saw this story in The Guardian, too, so its not just being exploited by some shitty tabloids.

    While the perpetrator(s) of this crime are wicked people and deserve to be put away for life, or worse, this story is no more important or compelling than any other instance of killing a person over real or perceived differences. I hate to keep bringing up Darfur on this site, but the example is valid.

    On the other hand it emphatically does not tug at my heartstrings that this girl was killed simply because she subscribes to some oh-so-tragically-hip “alternative” lifestyle or cultural presence.

    I hate to make light of this, but fuck “goths” and the horses they rode in on. They do not have my sympathy just because they choose to dress in a certain way and adopt some aloof tortured-soul pose. That whole thing is getting kind of old.

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