Some badass Flash animation

Here’s the intro for my new Flash portfolio. I’m madly proud of this. (And no, it’s not done, and yes, I know there’s a single pixel-wide line on the right.)

It’s a ridiculously labor-intensive piece, created in Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. I had to hand-trace each of 240 frames of exported animation from Cinema 4D, which took a total of roughly 45 minutes of clicking on each frame, tracing the bitmap, and manually erasing the background. (There were easier ways, but they didn’t have the same quality.)

The background is made of multiple remixed downloaded textures. The lens flare is hand drawn. And you’ll recognize the city’s giant monster.

Now to figure out what the hell I’m doing with the rest of it….

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  1. Well as always my 6 year old son is peering over my shoulder and we click on your intro he says” whoa whoa that looks nice!” and when the panda shows up at the end he laughs and says” that is the coolest panda ever!” I agree!!!

  2. Uhh Josh, Maya has an swf export. You could do 3d flash in a few minutes with the vector renderer. Not that what you did isnt cool. I always appreciate doing things the old fasioned way. It was cool to hang out , I loved the crazy conversation. I had a dream last night that I was tossing skinless human body parts off a bridge. Most likely inspired by your stories about Las Vegas.


  3. Looks very cool!

    ObCrit: I think you missed a bet with the coffee-stain. you could make it double as the sun by adjusting the lens flare and stylized rays.

  4. Take a look at Cineversity ( There is a free tutorial for taking a vector rendering out of C4D into Flash. Also, you could have rendered in layers instead of cutting out the background.

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