In Which Greg Dulli And Mark Lanegan Turn The Doctor Into A Screaming Teenage Girl

OMFG, the Gutter Twins album is, like, fucking amazing!!! It’s all noirish graveyard shift rock shit, like you’d expect, but it’s really, really good, with a big sense of grandiose. And my buddy Dave Catching played on and helped record it! And it’s got Martina Topley-Bird, who sang with Tricky and whom Dulli covered with the Twilight Singers, and who was really nice to me a decade ago when I was the only person in the Lollapalooza crowd who recognized her as she wandered around after Tricky’s set, and who is hella amazing in her own right. (“Too Tough To Die” is a bad motherfucking anthem.)

It’s like the anti-indie pop album. No teenage twee here, just adult desperation and lust and terror. Fuck yeah, bitches.

I want to join this band. We could be the Gutter Triplets! Shit, I’d just stand at the back of the stage grunting and pounding a piano. No matter what I do, I’ll never be as cool as Dulli and Lanegan anyway.

And of course, it won’t chart and nobody gives a shit. But I don’t care. I just want D + L to go on a rampage and start slaughtering emo kids. They’re not afraid to get blood on their suits.

I’ll wear that t-shirt any day.

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  1. Brother, the liner notes on this motherfucker are something else.

    Van Leewuen is ex-Perfect Circle, Petra Hayden is a sometime Decemberist who occasionally does really goofy a capella covers, Martina Topley-Bird is, well… Martina Topley Bird.

    Joe Arthur I had to look up, as I’ve never heard him before. Apparently, Lou Reed was recording his shows before he was even signed to a label, and Peter Gabriel has covered him a couple times, so there you go.

    What’s a bit bizarre to me is that with this much talent in the sidemen, why isn’t this another Twilight Singers record? Is this whole Gutter Twins thing just a rebranding exercise?

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