Thinking About Podcasting

So I’m kinda thinking, in the wake of the John Peel piece I linked earlier, about doing a music podcast. Nothing too cutting-edge — I don’t have the time to troll around MySpace and MOG looking for new music a whole lot — but just podcasts of stuff I like, old and new, themed maybe.

If I did, I’d probably do it like an actual radio show, not just a playlist, with me doing my Chris the DJ routine. (Side note: I actually used to be an on-air DJ at radio stations when I was in high school.) It’d only take me a couple of hours to put together, really, on a decidedly irregular basis.

My question is: if I took the time to put this together, would you find it useful or interesting? Hit me in the comments and let me know.

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  1. My guess is it would probably be a lot more useful, and a lot better received, if you only covered ‘new’ music, or stuff that was released yes than a year ago. The show might be very interesting, but would have to have a utility independent of just “here’s some shit I like”. I’m assuming you have an interest in reaching an audience beyond just hard-core friends and loyalists, and in growing that audience. If you don’t, I guarantee you’ll get bored after 3-4 shows, and the thing will peter out. So, put up or shut up, I say: make a something that has a built-in, organic market, or don’t bother.

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