You Thing Rike Jellyfish Now

Jellyfish 1. Coded in Actionscript 2.0, mostly using the drawing functions. I am rather proud of this.

First of a series.

(Nerdy detailed explanation: This does a bunch of random point generation, then does Bezier curves to do the tentacles, triangles to do the fringing, a half-circle to do the bell, which is duplicated and set as a mask, and then randomly copies a couple of circle and cross movie clips to do the bell spots, the floating particles and the cross shimmers.)

[Note: as per Frank’s comment…I’m not being racist with this blog post title. It’s a misremembering of a quote from William Burroughs’s The Soft Machine that I picked up from Mondo 2000 a decade ago. “You win something rike jellyfish, Meester, or it win you.” Or something like that.]

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