Mysterious, doughy blob clogs sewer – Mysterious, doughy blob clogs sewer

LEWISTON – A 50- to 60-foot doughy mass is clogging a sewer line under the city’s main drag, and crews have been unable to budge it. “We’re not sure exactly what it is,” Public Services Director David Jones said Wednesday. “We’re just trying to get rid of it. We want it to stop clogging up our pipe.”

What is it with the sewers in Maine? Doughy masses, blood coming out of the storm drains, evil multidimensional spiders masquerading as clowns murdering small children…you couldn’t get me near a goddamn manhole anywhere north of Boston.

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  1. but “we all float down here.. and when you’re down here… you’ll float too!!” (or maybe turn into part of the mystery blob…) quite creepy.. i love it!

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