Mistaken For Strangers

Mistaken For Strangers[2]

Mistaken For Strangers[2]

Mistaken For Strangers[2] detail

Image detail.

This series of 16 prints utilizes Perlin noise (similar to my flow field animations) to set the size, color, transparency and rotation of almost 40,000 rounded rectangles. (The title has no relation to the process — it’s just a song by The National that I’m really digging on these days.)

I’ll be displaying and selling each of the 16 prints in this series at my First Friday show this Friday, February 1st. (Which you’re coming to. Right?)

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  1. The second piece looks like Hoover Dam. Lake Mead is on the left, the dam wall is in the middle, and the upper part of the dam is on the right…

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