Generative Art Show @ February First Friday

Thanks to Jennifer and Brian Henry, I’ll be having my first art show EVER at First Friday, February 1st. I’ll be displaying and selling prints of various generative pieces like Jellyfish, and I’ll also be projecting video of the pieces being generated, probably with my music as well.

I’ll be at the outdoor festival grounds at the corner of Casino Center and Colorado, right near the Funkhouse. So if you’re going to First Friday, stop by. And buy something. 🙂

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  1. OK, just looked at it on my computer (couldn’t see it on the Blackberry) and I like it… This is sort of digital Jackson Pollock, except it’s clearly a representation of something, and it looks better than Pollock’s stuff.

  2. Very cool Josh! Unfortunately, I have a prior commitment (visiting relatives). Please take plenty of photos of your opening!

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