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  1. Now, Ellis, put that kris down, you know you don’t want to use it . . . wait a minnit . . . Portishead AND Roger Waters? Oh, go ahead and stab me . . . you know you really want to . . .


  2. Totes with you on MIA (and Getchell can go fuck himself), Spiritualized (even tho I no longer do enough drugs to qualify as a fan), Metric and LSF, but Roger Waters…? Oh god no. PLEASE, no.

  3. I m fortunate enough to live in the area of Les Savy, and get to see them play quite often and have often hung out with tim and the gang…hands down best live show i am always willing to see. Last septemeber they played at MOMA and tim came down as a art thief on a fucking rope and harness from the roof while the lyrics “and the sweat descends” was on a distorted loop…unbelievable. i m glad they finally put out a new album and am glad for the west coast rec.

  4. I saw Roger Waters in September, 2006 at Jones Beach – best show I ever saw.

    Roger Waters alone was better than Pink Floyd without him. He did the Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety.

    The Verve is cool, too.

  5. Hey Lauren, how can you knock Roger Waters? He’s basically PINK FLOYD … in case you haven’t heard of them, they’re like a blockbuster band. I never even heard of anyone else on that list with the exception of The Verve. I’m not saying that just because I never heard of them means they’re not good, but still – how can anyone put down the man behind the Dark Side of the Moon – An album that sold over 40 million copies and stayed on the Billboard charts for 14 years. And it’s obvious why… the album is awesome – way before its time.

  6. To my mind, PF were the Radiohead of their day, and that’s no great compliment. Instead of being musicians making art, they were artists making music, and they could never get out of that art-rock vibe. Few hugely successful bands have done the art-rock thing well — the only one that comes to mind is Talking Heads.

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