The Most Metal Christmas Gift EVAR.

Bone dagger with skull holder

My dad got me this skeletal dagger, with skeleton-rising-up-from-Hell holder. For all tomorrow’s sacrifices. Heh. Totally rad.

I also got: an Arduino for learning to do hardware programming, an Ion drum machine, a USB Peltier cooler/heater for drinks, a cool portable 30W amp for my iPod, On Food And Cooking: The Science And Lore Of The Kitchen, a GorillaPod poseable camera tripod, an ATC2K helmet cam (30fps @ 640 x 480!!!), a Tom Waits t-shirt, a wifi detector t-shirt that lights up when there’s wifi, a Skooba laptop tote that you can paint and draw on, a tiny keychain remote for fucking with people’s TVs (not a TV-B-Gone but an actual remote), and a microstylus for my fingertip that will be hella handy with my touchscreen I got last year. Oh, and Thom got me a Barnes & Noble gift card, to fulfill my need to read the rest of the His Dark Materials series.

(Kaydence got a whole bunch of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys, plus a RoboPanda and various other kid stuff. The look on her face when she walked in was priceless. It’s really her first full Christmas with the family, and I think she’s pretty happy.)

Great Christmas. Alex and Laurenn and Thom and Carrie came over last night and we had a big Christmas feast. I made soy bread pudding and blackberry cobbler (Laurenn is rennet-intolerant) and we had ham and all sorts of homemade cookies. Alex had never seen It’s A Wonderful Life, so we watched that and Bad Santa, which — along with Scrooged and Die Hard — is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Now everybody else is napping and I’m figuring out how to shoot video with my new helmet cam. I hope your Christmas was as awesome as ours has been.

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