My Cassandra Complex Turns Out To Be Quite Real, Thank You

Remember when the Iraq War started, a few years ago, and Turkey didn’t want to allow us to stage the invasion from our bases in Adana and Inçirlik? And when they suddenly changed their mind, I said — very explicitly — that I believed we’d made a deal with the Turkish government. Specifically, I figured we’d told them once we’d gotten control of Iraq and the heat had died down a bit, we’d allow them to come in and take out the separatist Kurds in northern Iraq — who had our back in both wars, incidentally. (I tried to find the blog post in question on, but I couldn’t track it down. Damn those database failures.)


Turkish planes bomb northern Iraq in hunt for PKK – Yahoo! News

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq (AFP) – Turkish planes bombed suspected rebel bases in northern Iraq on Sunday, killing one woman, damaging infrastructure and forcing villagers to flee, local officials said. Turkey’s general staff said its warplanes had hit the “regions of Zap, Hakurk and Avasin as well as the Qandil mountains” — known to harbour rear bases of the rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The Turkish military said the bombardment began at 1:00 am (2300 GMT Saturday) and all its aircraft had returned safely to base by 4:15 am (0215 GMT Sunday). Artillery continued to pound the targets once the planes left. The raids, which Turkey’s armed forces’ chief said were carried out with US approval and intelligence, were condemned by the Iraqi government, which called in the Turkish ambassador to explain his country’s actions.

Italics mine.

I found out some really interesting shit about US involvement in the whole PKK thing when I was in Turkey. I’m going to do some research and see if I can verify any of it.

But it’s nice to know I was totally right about this, even if nobody believed me or nobody really cares.

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  1. ::I tried to find the blog post in question on, but I couldn’t track it down. Damn those database failures::

    You should be able to find it by grepping through that giant XML file I sent you a couple months ago.

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