I'm DJing New Year's Eve @ Freakin' Frog

If you’re in Vegas and you’re not up for cruising the Strip and hunting an expensive club or bar to hang out on for New Year’s Eve, stop by the Freakin’ Frog on Maryland Parkway (between Tropicana and Harmon on the east side of the street, next to the as-yet-unopened barbecue joint with the highly fruity sign), where I’ll be, er, dropping science from 9pm – 1am. The Frog has a vast and ponderous selection of brews and whiskey, one of the largest in America, and you can get shitfaced and groove to my mad beats, yo.

And if you’ve always wanted to give me a New Year’s kiss, and you’re a girl, this is your chance. Thankfully, Getchell is spoken for this New Year’s. Those were some sad, desperate years. ‘Nuff said.

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