Hey Washington — Can You Stop Embarrassing Us, Please?

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens – Times Online

The American government has for the first time made it clear in a British court that the law applies to anyone, British or otherwise, suspected of a crime by Washington. Legal experts confirmed this weekend that America viewed extradition as just one way of getting foreign suspects back to face trial. Rendition, or kidnapping, dates back to 19th-century bounty hunting and Washington believes it is still legitimate.

Christ, how are we possibly the good guys at all, anymore?

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  1. Interesting, both the US and UK balked loudly when Russia was alleged to have carried out activities against dissidents in London, but the US can kidnap people and send them to Diego Garcia, Romania, and other people to be waterboarded? Our hypocrisy is amazing.

  2. It’s called apprehending a suspect who broke the law. I don’t see anything wrong with it. If someone commits a crime in the US, why should they be allowed a safe haven in another country?

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