God, I Need A Copy Of Ableton Live

Really, really bad.

Mom was gonna get it for me for my last birthday, but it didn’t end up working out. I can’t afford $499 for a full copy (and I need a full copy, not the Lite version, which won’t do what I need it to do).

I need it for live Red State Soundsystem performances, which are otherwise just me and Thom playing along to a pre-recorded track. Which is stupid. I need to be able to improvise and — more importantly — be able to work with a drummer.

And playing with the demo and the — fine, I’ll admit it — cracked copy I’ve got, I’ve realized I could be making fucking bank doing Live DJing in clubs here in Vegas — doing live beat-matching and looping of existing tracks combined with dropping my own beats and pads into the flow. (Live de-cracks itself. Randomly. It seems to know when you’re on stage, too.)

I don’t have anything I can sell to pay for this, and I can’t justify buying it in any way, even though I know I could make money using it — the gap between getting it and practicing with it and making money would be just a little too long for somebody in my dire financial straits. I can’t even afford one of those cheap copies on eBay, which are usually only discounted by $100 or so.

Believe me, I’ve looked at other options. There’s literally nothing else that does what Live does, and Live is the only app that does what I need it to do.

So, anybody got any ideas?

(Edit: if you want to see what you can do with Live, check this video out.)

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  1. “Believe me, I’ve looked at other options. There’s literally nothing else that does what Live does, and Live is the only app that does what I need it to do.”

    OK, I’m not a musician, but as a software developer I find this somewhat surprising. I’d be interested to hear which apps come closest (Freewheeling? SooperLooper? Loopcenter?), and how they fail to meet your needs.

  2. Ed’s right.

    You brag about how you’ll make “bank” with your new toy, but you don’t want to work. It’s so much easier to go to Starbucks and be a whiny slacker bitch, than have actual employment. If you were half as intelligent as you claim, I dunno, you might figure that out; and be able to actually pay for things, buy them yourself, instead of pandering pathetically.

    Must suck to be.. what, 30? and live in your parent’s apartment. Although your story from Turkey was actually pretty cool.

  3. Not bad. I bought and paid for two Abletons today. Did you scrounge up enough spare change for a mochachino (with whipped cream) yet?




  5. What the heck?

    Josh, compared to you I am a completely un-cool sellout and Tool of the Man, and yet I do NOT understand why some of your posts seem to bring out the entire population of Poserville to rant at you.

    Hey, dipshits – instead of telling Josh to get a job, why don’t you losers go create something? Anything. It can be complete crap, and derivative as hell, as long as you actually make it yourself. I promise you’ll feel better.

  6. Hey Mikey,

    I read this blog a couple times a week, and the Big Man’s column every time it appears in CityLife. He IS a good writer, and his topics are often thought provoking. I’ve learned plenty of things about a variety of subjects; even took his advice based on a couple music/cd reviews. However, comments are welcomed on this site, and I will call bullsh*t when I see fit.

    You don’t know anything about me; whether I’ve created anything or not. But this is what I believe to be true: A grown man asking, nay, begging for things is pathetic. Unless you’re like, i dunno, 11 years old. That is my opinion, and if you don’t like it, tough shiiite.

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