You Don't Use Words Like That, St. Louise Is Listening

via Coilhouse: happy birthday, Lulu.

Louise Brooks

On this day 101 years ago, Louise Brooks, patron saint of unrepentant flappers, was born. By all accounts, she was a fiercely intelligent and complicated woman who would not suffer fools in an industry that consists of nearly nothing but. She made only 25 films before being blacklisted walking away from Hollywood at the height of her career, and remains both one of the most iconic, (in)famous starlets of all time.

Louise Brooks is my dream woman — gorgeous, intelligent, strong-willed, and deranged to the core. We may never have another.

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  1. My introduction to Louise Brooks came by surprise recently in the Library, …the DVD of Pandora’s Box. How strange, beautiful and sad the film was, just as she and her life were, regrettably as Pabst had predicted. If only she had done the voice over for her part in The Canary Murder Case and taken the advice to do more films in Europe… but then I guess it wouldn’t have been like her to listen to others. The DVD set included a history and an interview of the star done in her latter years, which displayed her headstrong character and brings the viewer closer to her as a person. I wish that I had met her much earlier! I would like to see all of her films. A late toast, (gin of course), to Louise Brooks and her Birthday! Thank you, Ms. Brooks. Save a chair for me next to you at the Speakeasy.

    May it please her to know that she still has so many fans.

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