Help Me Find This Jacket

I love jackets. Specifically, leather jackets. Unfortunately, none of the sort of jackets I’m into are standard issue Wilson’s Leather sort of things.

What I want is the Ninth Doctor’s jacket.

Chris Eccleston as Dr. Who, and his jacket

The image above is from a lovely site in the UK called where they will make you one of these jackets to spec. Unfortunately, the (perfectly reasonable) price they charge for one — £475 — is prohibitively expensive for me, thanks to the wretched value of the American dollar right now.

However, the site very helpfully informs me that this is a “first pattern German Kreigsmarine U-Boat Commander/Captain’s deck coat. Dating from circa 1938/1939, this and subsequent variants of the pattern continued to be made for Commanding Officers throughout the Second World War.” Apparently, it’s also what German police jackets are based on.

Yeah. Trust me to slaver over a Nazi coat. Anyway, anybody know where I can get a less expensive, non-tailored version of this jacket in, oh, let’s say, American XXL size?

I’ll be in Frankfurt in a couple of weeks, so if anybody knows of any stores there where I could purchase one of these (unlikely) or a police jacket (slightly more likely) in my size, please let me know.

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  1. Are you still on your quest for the Doctors jacket? If no, how did you make out? If yes, I just found a site which makes a very simmilar jacket. There are a few differences, but they said that they’ll do personal customizations if you have a pic to supply. I’ll let you know how I make out w/ them.

  2. Hi, I own an original tailored Officer coat, however, being an original, mine is very much more expensive than the one in the picture. It also has metal studs on the lapel, and dispatch or map pocket behind the left lapel, and leather belt.Thank you for mnaming the item for me though. YuiMe

  3. Oh yes, my coat is also the Officer maxi Version, to just below the knee’s, long pleat or cutting at the back, fold overs and original clasps for motor bike riding or early cockpit flying, it has some of the original numbering (issue) on the original lining too. A real catch I came by though my motorbike and bikie gear fetish. :-)) No doubt a World WarII Harlie would look great under it. I have had the coat for 27 years, still in excellent condition. The Nazi Padre Corps wore them as well as the senior Nazi Officers. Yui

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