Go ahead — tase me, bro

New Scientist Last Word Blog: Counter-taserism

[From the comments:]

An EFFECTIVE taser proof vest consists of any conductive surface where both probes attach creating a (dead short) There are special clothes that are made from fabric that has a high dialectric strenth that stops tasers in their tracks but is very expensive due to the fact they contain TEFLON. A layer of aluminum window screen sandwiched between twon layers of canvas is suitable for this task. Also i have been looking into a vest made from the same foam they use to protect IC chips,it’s called conductive foam– can be bought online relatively cheap. The (vest) has to cover the (legs) AND (arms) as well because one of the probes may make contact there completing the circuit thus rendering the vest useless. Leg vests HAVE TO BE GROUNDED TO THE CHEST VEST. The circuit IS an effective DEAD SHORT. How do i know this? I own a 100,000 volt taser. obtained from a catalog (Tested my theories). Another thing–tasers don’t last long being dead shorted. Trust me —lol

I like this guy.

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