UNKLE @ Vegoose

…was fucking incredible. I caught five minutes of Muse. Eh. Alright. Not great. But UNKLE was amazing. Eight piece — drummer, keyboardist, DJ, bassist, two guitarists at any time, Gavin Clark on vocals and James Lavelle mixing and singing. The Thom Yorke, Ian Astbury and Josh Homme tracks were prerecorded vocals, but Gavin and James did a really amazing version of Psyence Fiction‘s “Lonely Soul”, originally sung by Richard Ashcroft, which was definitely the high point of the show. But the whole thing was really amazing. The bassist, in particular, rocked the house.

It gave me some serious ideas for live electronic performance as well.

Then I got stuck and walked most of the way home. So my feet look like big nasty lobsters. But I’m doing the arrangements for a couple of songs tonight before I go to bed. The arrangement for “Scatterlings And Refugees” in particular, sounds amazing — all Rhythm Of The Saints tribal drumlines and cool organ parts.

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