The Global Village Has Found Its Idiot

Sherri, kitten, the rest of us figured this out a little more than half a millennium ago. And most of us got the evolution thing about a century and a half ago. If you can’t keep up with the class, don’t raise your hand, okay?

Look, I can barely — barely, mind you — understand how people can be ignorant of how evolution works. To a point. I’ve gone through the American educational system, so I see how that can work.

But to be totally unaware of the fact that you live on a spherical planet — which is the sort of thing you’re taught at the age of roughly five years old in every school in every country on this planet — and to be so cheerfully, blissfully stupid that you’re not ashamed of announcing it on international television — is the most idiotic thing I think I’ve ever encountered. Seriously. I have absolutely no sympathy for this stupid, stupid woman. I’m surprised she’s capable of forming semi-coherent sentences, or using a toilet without a high degree of frustration and mindless rage.

And when she goes on TV tomorrow and tries to play it off, don’t let her. When someone asks you if the world is round or flat, you say “round”. Period. There is no other answer. (“Imperfectly spherical with a high degree of fractal roughness” is also a correct answer, but nobody likes a math geek, Scully.) Giving any other answer — or even hesitating for a second to think about it — means that you should probably be kept away from the general populace and sharp objects, because you are an imbecile.

There is no excuse for this, except absolute, astonishing stupidity. ABC has completely and utterly discredited itself by beaming this slack-jawed cretin and her babbling around the world. If they had even the slightest bit of sense or dignity, they’d have her flung into the street so that the entire species could surround her and laugh at her until she shat herself and stumbled away into obscurity, crying like a retarded child who just broke their favorite toy.

Fuck her. Fuck The View. And fuck ABC.

I’m going to go read a book and feel superior.

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