Repost: Parthenogenesis – A Love Story

(Written in 2004 when I was on…shit, was it mescaline or 5-MEO-DMT? Or just mushrooms? Acid? Can’t remember. Drugs. Enjoy.)

Parthenogenesis – A Love Story

I learned to fuck in Nicosia. Turkish Cyprus, you dig.

They called her a “polymorph” but that just meant she was anything you wanted. Some of us wanted boys, and she was a boy, just like that. They’d fuck her/him in the ass and listen to Transformer on remastered Windows Media Audio and think themselves decadent.

For some of us, she was a girl. They’d fuck her/her in the ass just like the others did, only they’d listen to T-Rex on vinyl and think themselves macho.

The guys in the lab learned how to get blackly drunk very quickly. They’d stumble in after they’d been thrown out of a dozen casinos and call us monsters, using their research as some cheap toy. We would invariably beat the piss out of them and leave them down on the beaches for the heroin dealers to find when they brought in their fresh shipments every morning right before dawn.

For me, she was smooth. Nothing. A translucent membrane, opening to the Mediterranean breeze. You could see things moving around inside of her, and when she orgasmed she would light up internally like the phosphorescent algae on the rocks below, and her surfaces would arch and spindle improbably like Hilbert space.

And now I live inside her, and look out through these crystal walls at the blue sky and the azure ocean. I can taste the pheremones in the air like sizzling fire, and I know what love is.

(Dedicated to Lou and Evan and all the kids at Cody High. Man, I swear I’d give the whole thing up for you.)

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