Still needs some work (mostly technical), but it’s there. Lemme know what you think, and if you notice anything silly and obviously wrong with it. Other than the weird loading page and the pixelated sample images, which I can’t seem to fix.

  1. I really like the flash intro, very nifty. Things I’d want to see: thumbnail gallery or other way of seeing the whole of your work other than paging through each piece sequentially. Also: larger views of the artwork. It’s hard to see what you’ve done in some of these.

  2. Michael R. Bernstein

    Very nice! I concur with Chris’ comments, and here are a few of my own:

    images aren’t being preloaded. The next and previous thumbnail should be pre-loaded for better perceived performance.

    The portfolio color-scheme clashes with some of the displayed works (very few, thankfully. You have a preference for warm colors). However, where it doesn’t clash, it still distracts. You should try adding a fade-in/out to the background so that when the work is in full view the background is much dimmer.

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