Nine years ago, I walked into the Double Down and had my first legal drink, at midnight on my birthday.

And here I sit again, alone, with punk rock blaring in my ears, at the Double Down, at midnight on my birthday.

I don’t know whether that’s cool or pathetic. And it would be great to not be alone. But here it is and here I am.

And that’s thirty years done with. So what the hell do I do with the next thirty?

  1. Well, happy birthday, Dr Ellis.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t let the social expectation of celebrating your birthday among company get you down. When I turn 30 this October, I gather I’ll celebrate mine in similar fashion, probably giving some bartender an earful, maybe, MAYBE watching some baseball or something on the TV if the bar has one, and that’s fine.

    Consider your life having traveled full circle. So which way is the next circle going to take you?

  2. The day you stop thinking in tragic, ironic, cosmic woe-is-me terms about your fate, destiny, and present predicament, and take it (life) by the horns without pondering or navel-gazing, will be the day…

    Oh, forget it. Happy birthday!!!

  3. Happy 30th Birthday Josh!
    Take care of yourself and try to have a good day. Birthdays are overated anyway.
    I spent my last one pretty much alone too.

  4. Michael R. Bernstein

    “And that’s thirty years done with. So what the hell do I do with the next thirty?”


    Anyway, happy birthday.

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