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Redneck Robocop

Completely awesome security-bot roams the streets of Atlanta, irritating crack dealers. Brilliant. And it’s built out of an old barbecue smoker! “It may smell like chicken,” the guy says, “but it’ll get the job done.” Hellz yes.

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Phone Update

When I get paid, I’m gonna set up a new Skype In account, so I’ll be able to get phone calls whenever I’m in WiFi range. (A friend gave me his old Nokia e61i, and I’ve got Fring running on … Continue reading

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links for 2008-02-26

Feb. 25, 1723: He Built His City With Rock and Rule Short bio of Christopher Wren, who died on this day in 1723. (tags: history architecture)

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Why Didn't I See Any Of The Oscar Movies…

…or much of anything at all in the theater last year or this year, for that matter? (God, I know I saw something other than Cloverfield. I must have.) This guy rants about how nobody saw these movies because people … Continue reading

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No More Phone.

My free Sprint Ambassador account stopped working today. So I don’t have a phone. I don’t know when I’ll have one, either — chalk it up to depression, but at the moment I don’t really care. If you need to … Continue reading

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Now That's A Road Warrior

ImprovEverywhere agents lug desktop PCs (complete with big-ass CRT monitors) to Starbucks. Sorta reminds me of when I carry my Korg MicroKontrol with me to Starbucks or the Coffee Bean and plop it down.

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Didn't Watch The Oscars

…and don’t really care. I haven’t seen any of the movies that everybody got boners over, like No Country For Old Men or There Will Be Blood. (I despise Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies, as a rule. And No Country just … Continue reading

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links for 2008-02-25

Nader announces new run for president – Yahoo! News Jesus. What an asshole. (tags: politics asshole split-the-vote-again-moron) Italians hark back to the days of Futurism Futurism is fascizzle, my nizzle. (tags: art italian futurism marinetti-was-a-pimp) YouTube – david lynch “industrial … Continue reading

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Random Thought Of The Day

There is a tendency to use CPU power as a benchmark for technological progress. (“In 1960, a computer had X amount of cycles per second. In 2008, computers have Y amount. Wowee!”) As a blunt tool, this seems effective…but it … Continue reading

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Thinking About Podcasting

So I’m kinda thinking, in the wake of the John Peel piece I linked earlier, about doing a music podcast. Nothing too cutting-edge — I don’t have the time to troll around MySpace and MOG looking for new music a … Continue reading

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