Ice Age Coming

More poetry. I thought this one was lost…I always liked this. I love Radiohead. Ice Age Coming Somewhere alongside the freeway It is possible to hear birds outside your car window Thick, soot-covered birds Cackling in Ornette Coleman harmony As they perch on plastic buildings As they perch on the antennae Of the rooftops that […]

Rain Coast

Did I mention I used to write poetry? Rain Coast Prelude. See where Christ’s blood streams in the firmament Bright curtains for a boy to slide down, Great masts to support the world where it has grown a little antique. I. The father is out of his mind, And has been thus since the cannons […]

Untitled Poem

Found this in my Documents folder. I have no memory of writing this. The sound of the horn and the drum Keeps us all awake into the night. They are praying to gods we do not understand. But there is solace in the heat and the sand And the breaking of bones that should have […]