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  1. Mr. Ellis,

    I’ve enjoyed Ghosts In A Burning City ever since Warren Ellis mentioned it on his website. Almost two months ago, I purchased a digital copy, so that I could add it to my archive of high fidelity music and listen to it on-the-go.

    The last nine seconds of track 3 (Divine Intervention) are the same as the first nine seconds of track 5 (Berlin Floor Show). At first, I thought my iPod was skipping. Then, I thought I was merely crazy. Today, I’ve found out that either this overlap is present on your Bandcamp page, or I’m suffering from very consistent auditory hallucinations.

    Is this intentional? An error? A sign of my distressingly early dementia? Please, I’d merely like to know. Berlin Floor Show is one of my favorites on the album. (At a conservative estimate, about a third of the album is in the favorites category.) Having a nine second short of it is disorienting.

    Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Zachary J. Vavrek

  2. My Dear Josh, I just finished reading Everyone I Know is Brokenhearted. For such a young man, that feels this way breaks my heart. Your thoughts are compelling, insightful and frighteningly accurate. I too have lived through many generation and find myself longing for something, anything, a purpose. Now at retirement age, I have shed all my belongings and am on a mission to find my community, where I can serve and love and care, even if it is small. It’s a start. I wish you my best in your soul search.

  3. Josh, your essay “Everyone I know is Brokenhearted” really speaks to me, and I don’t want my response to be lost in a string of comments that just respond to the previous comment. I’ve been wondering “where is the disgust with all this?” I live in Western Colorado, and everyone I know seems to be carrying on as though the “Western Civilization Shit Show” is normal, a pool we can swim in, rather than a polluted stinking sewer. I can’t help but feel that there are a lot of people who share your disgust (I know I do) but just can’t bear to express it. The thing that got me about your piece is that it’s a rage against the culture of today that doesn’t even include what I consider the elephant in the room: global warming. Western civilization is not just a suck and a lie, it is killing life on this planet. I’m a 70 year old white male who had all the privileges of the Boomer generation and dropped out in the 1970s. Lately I have read James Kunstler for biting commentary, and now I’m reading Derrick Jensen for analysis of why we’re so fucked. The whole shit show is powered by fossil fuels, and as a result the ice caps are melting, and we’re all going down within 40 years. I hate the circus culture that blinds us to the consequences of our collective greed. Have you incorporated global warming into your view of our condition?

  4. Why can’t we post on your articles…there is no option for that. Do you want to hear from your readers? Regarding “Everyone is Broken Hearted” see Alvin Toffler, Future Shock. This is exactly what he predicted, yes, back in the 70’s. The pace of change is mind-numbing and the technology just makes it worse. Here’s the bad news: we are facing near term human extinction by 2030. So there will be no legacy, no record, nothing will remain and no one to even know that. So buckle up. See Guy McPherson on YouTube and educate yourself about the end game. It won’t be pretty.

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