The Movie Review: ‘The Happening’

The Movie Review: ‘The Happening’

Rather than write a conventional review explaining why you should or shouldn’t see The Happening (trust me, you shouldn’t), I’m offering an alternative: A dozen and a half of the most mind-bendingly ridiculous elements of the film, which will enable you to marvel at its anti-genius without sacrificing (and I don’t use that term lightly) 90 minutes of your life. As this is intended to be an alternative to seeing the actual film it is, of course, overflowing with spoilers.

I’ve thought Shyamalan was overrated since Unbreakable, which was, well, unwatchable. Signs was just awful, and predicated on a completely stupid idea: aliens who are allergic to water come to a planet that’s 2/3rds covered with water, and also has water falling out of the sky at random intervals.

I did like Lady In The Water, though I’m the only one who did, apparently. I didn’t even bother with that silly one he did about the Amish.

The Happening looks and sounds totally retarded. I’m not even going to waste my time with it.

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  1. Hi there,

    Saw your review, which I agree with 100% (except I liked “Unbreakable”). I’m starting a movement to have as many people as possible walk out of The Happening.

    If you think it’s an interesting concept, please tell two friends. I wanna shoot this turkey.


  2. Rather than walking out I’m not even walking in, even if the theater is air conditioned and full of beautiful women.


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