Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation – GigaOM

Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation – GigaOM

His most important point? The key thing in any company is morale. He says that if you have low morale, you’re getting $0.25 of value for every $1 you’re spending. If morale is high, you’re getting $3 for every $1.

I can’t understand why more people running businesses can’t figure this out. As an employee, I don’t owe you a fucking thing except the amount of work I’m willing to put in for what you’re paying me. If you abuse me or treat me like I’m replaceable, one of two things will happen: I’ll either walk, or if I need the money, I’ll do the minimum amount of work to float along and get my paycheck…and as soon as I can find something better, I’ll walk anyway.

At the ripe old age of 30, I’ve decided that I’m never again going to put up with shitty behavior from employers. I expect to be treated with respect, as a valued member of a team, and I will not be treated like a goddamn Victorian factory worker. Even with a recession on, I’ve got enough highly desirable skills that finding a decent job will probably never be a problem for me. (Particularly since I have such a cross-disciplinary skillset.)

So why should I put up with some supervisor who’s decided that his/her job is to keep an iron grip on me and my colleagues? I’d rather work for someone who treats me like a human, who actually wants to make sure I’m happy and satisfied with what I’m doing, who lets me be an individual rather than trying to fit me into some corporate idea of what a good worker will be.

You do that, man, and I’ll work my guts out for you. I’ll work extra hours. I’ll go that extra mile. And I think that’s true of anyone.

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  1. The reason management treats people badly is because there are more than enough workers who will let themselves be treated this way, many with a smile, no less… and work their asses off despite it. People don’t get it. They’re not smart enough and don’t have enough respect for themselves to get it.

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