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Tully Goes Down To The Docks

So, I’ve released a new track for sale on Bandcamp, entitled “Tully Goes Down To The Docks”. It’s priced at a minimum of $1.00, but you can pay whatever you think it’s worth. This piece (arranged for toy piano and … Continue reading


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Far Gone And Out: Chapter One

A man walks down the street It’s a street in a strange world Maybe it’s the Third World Maybe it’s his first time around Doesn’t speak the language He holds no currency He is a foreign man He is surrounded … Continue reading


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If mechanics worked like doctors

So it takes three weeks to get a mechanic to check out your car, during which time you’re rescheduled four times. “But I have to get to work, and the electrical system is totally malfunctioning! I don’t know why and … Continue reading


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An open letter to the Web/HTML job post area of Las Vegas Craigslist.

[I originally tried to actually post this to the “Web/HTML/info job listings” area of, but I had to fill out a thing and verify another thing, and screw it. So it’s here instead.] I’m sorry, but I’ve been reading … Continue reading


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