All tracks are MP3, usually between 192 and 256kbps. Note: most of these are rough, unmastered recordings, and not to be considered “official” versions.


  • “Scarecrow” (unmastered final mix): [audio: red_state_soundsystem-scarecrow_(unmastered_final_mix).mp3]
  • “Scatterlings + Refugees” (unmastered final mix): [audio: red_state_soundsystem-scatterlings_+_refugees_(video_mix).mp3]
  • “The Secret King Of Africa”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-the_secret_king_of_africa.mp3]
  • “Redwood City Station” (unmastered final mix): [audio: red_state_soundsystem-redwood_city_station.mp3]
  • “Not In This World (Or The Next One)”: [audio:red_state_soundsystem-not_in_this_world.mp3]
  • “Every Hour Wounds (The Last One Kills)”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-every_hour_wounds.mp3]
  • “Airport Tunnel”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-airport_tunnel.mp3]
  • “Requiem For A Diplomat”: [audio: joshua_ellis-requiem_for_a_diplomat.mp3]


(* means official remix)

  • * Big Friendly Corporation, “The Joy Of Serving Others For A Living (RSS Remix)”: [audio: the_big_friendly_corporation-the_joy_of_serving_others_(rss_remix).mp3]
  • * The Loyal Divide, “Vision Vision (Red State Soundsystem remix)”: [audio: the_loyal_divide-vision_vision_(red_state_soundsystem_remix).mp3]
  • Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy (Crockett’s Ferrari remix)”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-_crazy_(crocketts_ferrari_mix).mp3]
  • MIA, “Paper Planes (Mick Jones’s Giant Testicles remix)”:[audio:]


  • Death Cab for Cutie, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-i_will_follow_you_into_the_dark.mp3]
  • Tom Waits, “Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-christmas_card_from_a_hooker_in_minneapolis.mp3]
  • Peter Gabriel, “Here Comes The Flood”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-here_comes_the_flood.mp3]
  • The Beatles, “In My Life”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-mystery_cover_1.mp3]
  • The Velvet Underground, “Pale Blue Eyes”: [audio: red_state_soundsystem-pale_blue_eyes.mp3]

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