Former Republican N.C. Sen. Jesse Helms dies at 86 – Yahoo! News

Former Republican N.C. Sen. Jesse Helms dies at 86 – Yahoo! News

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahaha.

And on the 4th! Thomas Jefferson’s laughing his ass off somewhere.

Somebody find out where that evil old fuck’s grave is, so I can go and dance a jig on it.

Roast in Hell, you barbaric redneck piece of infected Klansman’s shit. May the Devil have the face of Robert Mapplethorpe and the mighty penis of Malcolm X, and may he give you the business every quarter-hour from now until the end of the world.

Oh, the world’s a lighter place today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. The world is smiling today! Rest in suffering you old disgusting piece of shit! Fuck Jesse Helms and anyone who ever voted for that old barbaric racist twat!

  2. That’s exactly how I’m going to feel when Jimmy (Misery Index, Jew hating, Terrorist loving) Carter dies.

    It’ll be soon, too!


  3. Racist? You mean like Barack Hussein Obama? Hey… Those democrats who were voted in back in 2006 promising a ‘new way’ are sure kicking ass, eh? I believe Nancy the c-rag Pelosi’s democratic congress now has a 9% approval rating. LMAO nine percent! Wow! That’s even worse than Bush! NINE PERCENT!!! Yep! Those dems sure showed us, didn’t they? Keep up the good work, Harry and Nancy! Wow! LOL!

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