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What the iPhone 3GS means

So the iPhone 3GS is about to drop. (I just got an iPhone 3G, so I’m eligible to return it and get this new one.) This is what’s most important about it: GPS (which determines the device’s location) + digital … Continue reading

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Feist on Sesame Street

This makes Mr. Grumpy Dude happy. Shut up.

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Yes, Joss Whedon, I have bought your Internet TV thingy.

I now have $1.04 in my iTunes account, thanks to Joss Whedon. I hope your hard work is worth $3.99 of my hard-earned (by living for 30 years so my parents would give me an iTunes gift card for my … Continue reading

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He just keeps saying he's "the Firestarter"

New Venture Bros. is up on Adult Swim for your (lo-res) viewing pleasure. Brilliant. Bonus quiz: how many of the 80s video icons in the steam tunnels can you name? I got Michael Jackson in “Thriller” of course, the dude … Continue reading

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This is why I adore the Venture Brothers

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Dude. DUUUUDE. DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! And Rose shows up, and Sarah Jane, and Martha, and the Torchwood crew…and DAVROS! And they shoot the Doctor, and….!!!! Is the new episode next week? GODDAMNIT! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS RIGHT NOW! I love … Continue reading

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This week's Doctor Who episode…

…was the best I’ve ever seen, and maybe the best Doctor Who episode ever. The second part of a two-parter, it’s about what happens when Donna and the Doctor show up at the Library, which stores every book ever written … Continue reading

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Finished Life On Mars

Both seasons, and God, was it good. A good cop show, a good weirdo show. Bittersweet, lovely ending. Now, if they’ll release it on DVD in America, you can check it out.

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I've Been Watching Too Much British TV Recently

After watching two episodes of Life On Mars in a row, I almost called my dad “Guv” when he came into the living room a few minutes ago. Reminds me of when Alex was in the middle of watching the … Continue reading

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Life On Mars?

I checked out the first episode of the 2006 BBC series Life On Mars, which I missed on BBC America and had heard good things about. And indeed, I wasn’t disappointed: judging by the first episode, this looks pretty interesting. … Continue reading

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