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Corollary thoughts on auditory AR/ambient stuff

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Many years ago I read about a dude who’d converted Unix server logs into a real-time auditory environment — specifically, a rain forest. Server load controlled the level of the rain, CGI calls were bird chirps, potential malicious attacks were … Continue reading


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Augmented (non-visual) reality

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Been thinking a lot about augmented reality recently, for fairly obvious reasons. The other night I was talking to Yiying Lu at the first LaunchUp Las Vegas about AR and the possibilities inherent in it, and it got me thinking. … Continue reading


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How can we go from 419 to Web 3.0?

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Here’s a quote from an amazing TechCrunch article about former and current Nigerian 419 scammers by Sarah Lacy: Boakye’s sheer hacker genius was the most astounding. It’s not just technical ability– he tries to figure out how the person who …
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An Immodest Proposal: iqCAPTCHA

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One of my friend Alex’s hard and fast rules is: never talk to the Internet people. Don’t read blog comments, don’t reply to blog comments, don’t get in flamewars. It’s a rule I follow myself, by and large; I almost … Continue reading


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Rhapsody Blind

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Just a shout-out here on something my friend John has created: Rhapsody Blind, a set of scripts that allow visually-impaired Windows users to navigate Rhapsody, the streaming music service. From what I can tell, there aren’t really a whole lot … Continue reading


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More Wikileaks thinking

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the whole Wikileaks thing these past few weeks, like a lot of people who belong to my particular sub-set of the human population. (First World, technology-oriented, somewhat politically minded. White as a … Continue reading


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Twitter vs. RSS vs. Web

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I don’t post here much very often these days, mainly thanks to Twitter. (I also haven’t really felt like I had much to say, this past year or so.) Twitter is quick and simple, and unlike a blog post, I … Continue reading


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At A Crossroads

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So I’d like your advice, my dear Internet. I have a software project called dbasr that I’ve been working on for a while — several years, on and off, in fact. Weirdly enough, it’s actually probably more relevant and useful … Continue reading


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VGrid for CSS nerds

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Here’s a little something I just whipped up for my own uses, but you might find it useful as well: vgrid.css, a CSS style sheet for handling vertical height of objects by em, as a sort of companion to the … Continue reading


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The value of music

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So apparently a group of musicians in England called the Featured Artists Coalition have voted to support a “three strikes” law against illegal file downloaders: get caught three times and have your bandwidth reduced to a point where you can …
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