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A Letter To My Clients

This is a letter I just sent out to several companies and individuals I do web design/development subcontracting for. I thought it was worth posting here. I’m not particularly secretive about what I charge (or, as you’ll see, am going … Continue reading

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That’s the last time you put a blade in me, you hear?

I’m really intrigued by the Switch, a multitool that you can add or remove components from yourself. The circular hole/pivot point reminds me of my own pocket knife, the Gerber Remix, which I carry with me constantly. The Remix is … Continue reading

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At A Crossroads

So I’d like your advice, my dear Internet. I have a software project called dbasr that I’ve been working on for a while — several years, on and off, in fact. Weirdly enough, it’s actually probably more relevant and useful … Continue reading

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VGrid for CSS nerds

Here’s a little something I just whipped up for my own uses, but you might find it useful as well: vgrid.css, a CSS style sheet for handling vertical height of objects by em, as a sort of companion to the … Continue reading

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Gallifrey Travel Poster

Here’s something from my new portfolio site, Standard Nerds: a travel poster for the planet of Gallifrey.

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New Red State Soundsystem wallpaper

To celebrate the upcoming release of Red State Soundsystem’s first album, Ghosts In A Burning City, here’s a Red State wallpaper for you. This image will also be available soon as a signed print, or as part of the deluxe … Continue reading

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Say it loud and proud…I'm a Douche!

Douche 1 by jzellis View other Parody T-Shirts This is the first in Zenarchery’s new line of Douche clothing. Because we hate them as much as you do.

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Red State Soundsystem t-shirt

Red State Soundsystem – Red Truck by jzellis Get a t-shirt at Zazzle See more Party Music Entertainment T-Shirts

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Fear The Panda t-shirt now available!

You can now buy a “Fear The Panda” t-shirt from Zazzle.com! Who wouldn’t want the Zenarchery panda on their chest, big as life? Losers, that’s who! Cool people want to buy the shirt! Buy it! Give me a few dollars! … Continue reading

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"Monster Fashion" video

Jarret Keene asked me to make some videos for the spoken-word pieces on his album Monster Fashion. This is the first one, the title track. The clips are made up of bits of things from the Prelinger archives and YouTube … Continue reading

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