As of January 2012: I am currently seeking consulting/contracting gigs, and I’m also interested in part-time/full-time employment, if the position is interesting. I can do contract projects either as an individual or through my LLC, Standard Nerds. If you’d like to hire me, you can email me at jzellis (at) gmail or use this site’s contact form.


I have almost 17 years’ experience as a web designer and developer. I am comfortable and familiar with both frontend visual/UI design and backend coding/development, as well as the challenges involved in integrating the two. I have designed and built, both as a team member and as a solo developer, enterprise level consumer and business web applications. I am experienced in working with cutting edge technologies for both the desktop and mobile Web. In addition, I draw on a rich background outside the technology industry as a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and writer.

Related Work History

Freelance Designer/Developer - 1998-present Worked on a myriad of projects of every scope and size, from WordPress-based sites for rock bands to inventory tracking intranet apps for commercial interior design firms. Projects not only required tech skills but project management, budget estimation and constant client relations.

Designer and developer, – 2010-present Developed and designed, a geolocational web application. Project required extensive PHP/MySQL/Javascript coding, as well as HTML5/CSS3 frontend development and the building of a public API and a mobile iOS app (built using HTML/JS in PhoneGap and Sencha Touch. Nominated for Most Promising Early-Stage Startup 2011 by the Nevada Technology Business Alliance.

Frontend/UI developer, Medweb – 2009-2010 Worked as frontend developer on patient management system for military hospitals in active war zones. Duties including translating wireframes into working HTML/JS UIs; updating legacy Perl/PostgresSQL code; developing a Flash/Flex-based teleconferencing system for field doctors; working around legacy military hardware/software to provide cutting-edge UI solutions.

Creator and Creative Director, - 2003-2006 Created and served as creative director for, an early online music store and social network. Duties including frontend design and branding, Flash and PHP development and evangelism to the public and partner companies.


Other Work History

Columnist and freelancer, Las Vegas City Life – 2000-2007 Wrote weekly column “All Tomorrow’s Parties” as well as numerous feature articles, reviews and interviews, including “Notes From Underground”, a two-part series on homeless people living in storm drains that was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Won Nevada Press Association’s “Best Local Non-Staff Column” award in 2005-2006.

Freelance writer/journalist – 1996-current Wrote feature articles, reviews and interviews for a variety of publications including Mondo 2000, Coilhouse, Axcess,, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Mindjack and Revolting. Also was an early pioneer in “crowdsourced journalism”, raising funds via my blog in 2006 to research and write an article about the history of the making of the atomic bomb.


Technical Proficiencies

    • HTML5 (including new APIs) / CSS3, with a focus on standards-based solutions
    • Javascript (focus on jQuery/jQueryUI/SenchaTouch)
    • PHP/MySQL
    • UI/usability/information architecture
    • Flash/Flex/Actionscript 3
    • Photoshop/Illustrator expert
    • Familiar with digital video production/editing (Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects)
    • Digital audio production expert

References and work samples available upon request.


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