Everyone I Know Is Brokenhearted: Collected Essays And Writing, 1998-2018

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Everyone I Know Is Brokenhearted is the first collection of essays, fiction, poetry and lyrics from Pulitzer-nominated writer, futurist and musician Joshua Ellis (Mondo 2000, Huffington Post, Las Vegas CityLife). Spanning two decades and touching everywhere from the mean streets of Juarez, Mexico to the Cold War paranoia of the Manhattan Project to 1990s punk rock basements to demon-haunted Southern Gothic horror to the Revelation of St. John – including the viral hit 2014 title essay – Everyone I Know Is Brokenhearted  is a high-octane, funny, vulgar, erudite and deranged ride through the strangest corners of the new millennium.

Available in ePub, MOBI and PDF.

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