Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s with the friggin’ panda?

A: There’s an 80s movie called True Stories, which was filmed in my hometown in Texas when I was growing up there. In the film, one of the characters — played by John Goodman — makes a TV commercial to find a wife. He describes himself by saying “I am six foot three, and maintain a very consistent panda bear shape.”

I, too, am six foot three, and I too maintain a very consistent panda bear shape. Hence the panda. The kanji on his tummy says “Kyu-Do”, which is the Japanese name for the Zen art of archery.

Also, I like pandas.

Q: Hey, I followed a link to something and it didn’t work. What gives?

A: In 2007, I lost my entire site to a RAID array error. I didn’t have it backed up, because I’m a retard. Sorry. You can try the Wayback Machine.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Thanks for your Louise Brooks bio. Loved your picture and reference suggestions. She is my patron saint…do you still feel as strongly about her?

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