If you don’t have my email address, this is the best way to contact me.


Disclaimer: Despite the fact that I have multiple e-mail addresses, a cell phone, IM accounts on most of the major services, MySpace and Facebook profiles, and also Skype, I don’t really like having digitally mediated conversations. (Go figure.) So I tend to only really respond to the following sort of missives:

  • Business enquiries
  • Requests for musical collaborations/remix requests
  • Direct messages from personal friends
  • Time-sensitive stuff
  • Booty calls

Particularly, I don’t really engage in political or theological debates via e-mail. Sorry. You’re not converting me and I’m not converting you and I’ve got better things to do, quite frankly. Likewise, any e-mail in which the word “hater” appears will be summarily deleted, and you will be added to my long list of people I wouldn’t save from a burning building.

If you really want to have a conversation with me, your best bet is to figure out where I am on the planet at the moment and go there. This is not difficult. Outside of the occasional transoceanic jaunt, I’m basically only ever in a couple of different places.

Again, booty calls will be immediately responded to. Just wanted to make sure that’s understood.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Zachary J. Vavrek

    Mr. Ellis,

    I’ve enjoyed Ghosts In A Burning City ever since Warren Ellis mentioned it on his website. Almost two months ago, I purchased a digital copy, so that I could add it to my archive of high fidelity music and listen to it on-the-go.

    The last nine seconds of track 3 (Divine Intervention) are the same as the first nine seconds of track 5 (Berlin Floor Show). At first, I thought my iPod was skipping. Then, I thought I was merely crazy. Today, I’ve found out that either this overlap is present on your Bandcamp page, or I’m suffering from very consistent auditory hallucinations.

    Is this intentional? An error? A sign of my distressingly early dementia? Please, I’d merely like to know. Berlin Floor Show is one of my favorites on the album. (At a conservative estimate, about a third of the album is in the favorites category.) Having a nine second short of it is disorienting.

    Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Zachary J. Vavrek

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