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A review of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die, in the guise of an open letter to music bloggers

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Dear hip music bloggers, Fuck off and die. I can just see all of you, sitting in your little rooms in the weeks since Lana Del Rey’s disastrous appearance on Saturday Night Live, coming up with the clever little bon … Continue reading


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Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

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I have a problem with Coldplay. It’s not that they suck; they really don’t suck. They’re clearly talented musicians, and Chris Martin — as he proved all those centuries ago with “Yellow” — is clearly a talented singer. What bothers … Continue reading


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The Indelicates – David Koresh Superstar

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I’ve given up trying to explain The Indelicates to people, but if you put me against a wall and put a gun in my mouth and told me to describe them, I’d say “Mrrgh mrrff wgggffh fggghh”. Then, when you … Continue reading


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