Watchmen trailer — oh my my, oh hell yes

Watchmen trailer is online. And I’m using a steel baseball bat to beat down my hard on.

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  1. Beaton says:

    Thank you for not being a bitchy little Internet malcontent on this.

    I really liked it.

  2. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    That link seems to now be embargoed until tomorrow. Apple’s got the goods though:

    The execution of some of the effects, especially the Dr. Manhattan-related bits, seemed somewhat… raw (understandable given how early in post-production they are), and Night Owl is a bit too Batman-like (not portly enough).

    But I loved (LOVED) the overall approach. It looks like it is going to be made of AWESOME.

    I’m also glad they followed Alan Moore’s wishes and left his name off this one.

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