Words Fail Me

If you need an explanation of what might not be quite historically accurate about this, well…I’ll let Bill explain it:

[Update: Apparently, this is a trend!]

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  1. German says:

    Oh you poor benighted one! I often swim those warm tropical waters on the webs, watching otherwise harmless people falling for that swill. Or hear some colorful characters traipsing First Friday claiming the Flistones Model of Paleoanthro to be correct. Sheesh. There are people with little to no personal life whose sole recreation is to school the fools in diverse sites, but the fun soon wears thin, and despite the opportunity to learn scintillating facts about paleontology, Ediacaran fauna, the divisions of the Phanerozoic, and whether the Hadean was a good place to visit if you had a time machine, even the oportunity for a first class education in such scientific minutiae seems a steep price to pay, with the possibility of permanent brain sprain from so much improbable nonsense crammed into so little space. The concentration of tard ( a technical term in some Seed Blogs) in some places approaches levels deadly to norman humans at a single glance. Stay away if you can. Nothing to see there, just more people being wrong on the internet.


  2. Gomez says:

    Bill Fucking Hicks conquers all stupidity!

  3. Beaton says:

    I want a beige Crayola with “Flesh of Christ” printed down the side. That would rock.

    Also, Ra-Ul’s post reads like Dr. Octagon lyrics.

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