Command-line audio processing tool?

I need to find an app — preferably Mac-compatible — that allows one to load and manipulate audio from the command line. Bonus points for VST or Audio Unit compatibility. Something scriptable.

Anybody know of anything like that?

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  1. Beaton says:

    Other than LAME or some of the OGG/Vorbis tools, I really can’t think of anything.

    I’m know there are some UNIX-based straight .WAV editors, if that helps.

  2. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    Well, this isn’t my area of expertise, but GStreamer is available for OSX, and has Python bindings functional enough to build audio editors like Jokosher entirely in Python, so perhaps that will do?

    Here is an article I dug up that ought to get you started:

    And here are a few other useful references:

  3. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Helloooo? My post the other day seems to be stuck in moderation limbo (might have been the ~5 URLs)…

  4. Sam says:

    Best I know of is ecasound, it can do everything.
    There is a mac port, see

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